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About Us

Kabani and Company UAE is one of the reputed and top-notch firms that has been providing its services with its existence as Certified Public Accountants in the USA, operating worldwide with its head office in Los Angeles, USA, and other offices in the UK, China, Pakistan, and UAE. We make sure to serve our clients in the best possible way to make them feel we are the best bet for them.

Our Vision

The vision of Kabani and the company is to be acknowledged worldwide as the go-to accounting firm for offering complete financial and professional services to both people and corporations while creating an environment where people can develop their careers.

Our Mission

Kabani and Company ensure to provide quality assurance that is not only designed as per the local law rules but according to the international standards. Our team commits the timely delivery under the supervision of experts.

Our Business Strategy

Our accountancy is designed in a way to adopt the changes that brought us modern technological ideas to meet the basic business needs of our clients that help a business grow effectively. This firm is structured to deliver professional services to its valued clientele and respond dynamically to the changes in the business environment.


We work with you in a way that you will always cherish. We feel we learn from each other, this is why we are designed in a way that you can always count on us.
Ethical Practices
Promote the highest standards of ethical conduct among members that are set for our business environment also. These are to be applied to all aspects of the business conduct and our organization.
Teamwork leads to better discussion that further leads to achieving one's goals. Our chartered accountants and financial advisors are the best bet for you. We always start with an in-depth discussion of your finances, needs, and where exactly you want to be.



Timely Processing in Business Operations

The smooth and efficient functioning of a company is heavily reliant on the punctual processing of its business transactions. This timely processing serves as the backbone of the organization's operations, contributing to the seamless movement of its various components. Beyond its operational implications, timely processing a...

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Payroll is the one of the critical functions of an organization.Our payroll specialists have the adequate knowledge and understanding of the applicable labour laws and assist the clients to comply with the laws.We offer customized and cost effective payroll solutions to our clients.

Our mobile Development teams are experience in the following apps: Medical Industry, Retail Sector, Ana...

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At Kabani and Company, we take pride in delivering the best and reliable audit and assurance services in the bustling city of Dubai. With a team of experienced professionals and a deep understanding of the local business landscape, we are your trusted partner in ensuring financial transparency and compliance.

Our dedicated auditors are well-verse...

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At Kabani and Company, we believe that sound business advice provides the strong foundation for establishing the long and everlasting business relationships with the clients.

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Due to overarching benefits, UAE is considered to be on the most likely destination for doing business. The tax free zones, multicultural environment and investor friendly regulations are the foundation of continuous business growth in UAE. Excellent infrastructure and easy access to global markets have made it to one of the preferred destination to most of the investors. The award of EXPO 2020...

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Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a tax added at different stages of a product's journey from production to sale. It's paid by each party involved until the consumer purchases. This tax is like a chain paid by the manufacturer, then the distributor, and so on, until it's finally paid by the person who buys the product. In the UAE, the standard VAT rate is 5%. However, some things like lo...

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Mr. Mohamed Ikram

Kabani & Company Chartered Accountants

Mr. Ali Imran

Kabani and Company Chartered Accountants


Rely on us to get timely and high quality accounting, auditing and consultancy services. We do it by understanding the requirements to maintain the highest level of professional ethical standards.

Kabani & Company Chartered Accountants

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